to begin with

i stole the idea from steve – the good lines are his too…
we’ll use this to begin this afternoon.

The psalms of boredom are missing from the bible,
the same every day, nothing will change psalms
that struggle to remember the last time something happened.

The psalms of sameness are nowhere to be found,
where the days are punctuated only by lockdowns
and the folding of pizza boxes.
where each is distinguished only by the menu
fish fingers for dinner? it must be Tuesday.

Sing and dance
clap hands for joy
i don’t think so.

Is all this beneath God’s attention?
or do we just no longer see God?
is God as walked on as the concrete floor
as predictable as the 6.00 am count
as familiar as the back of the cell door
as anticlimactic as that last lawyer’s visit?

the psalms of boredom are missing from the bible.