to celebrate and mourn

i’m off in a minute to meet with some of the asylum seekers and refugees who are wanting to participate in Pat’s memorial service on Thursday. It’s forecast to be 36 degrees on Thursday. The hall isn’t airconditioned, and they’re anticipating around 400 people will come…

this is the gathering:

We remember when we thought we could never be surprised by death again,
that it would be our constant companion

but we have got used to life.

we remember the times we thought only of how fragile and precious life is,
but now we wonder at how easily that slipped from our focus.

We are shocked at Pat’s death
we stand at the edge of the hole her passing leaves in our lives
and we realise just how important she was to us

so today we gather to celebrate Pat’s life
to mourn her to death
and to pray peace for her and for us.