to greenbelt

so, we’re in london… we’ve a great group who have come over from australia – really diverse, lots of energy, a nice collective of experience and imagination. It was a good trip over, though it is interminably long. i can report that they serve up glenlivet on demand in business class… the only problem with an unexpected upgrade is that it spoils you forever for cattle class.

we’re off to Greenbelt in a couple of hours. the weather looks absolutely perfect – a marked change to yesterday in London, which was so dismal it felt like we hadn’t left Melbourne. I have no idea who i’m looking forward to seeing at Greenbelt! I’ve barely glanced at the lineup… i am confident, however, that when i look at the program on arrival that i’ll be overwhelmed by its richness and depth. from previous experience I’ll cram as much as i can into the first 36 hours, and then collapse exhaustedly in the organic beer tent and spent the last few days catching up with people. perfect… that’s always the very best part. the people i’ve met at greenbelt have been some of my best companions and collaborators in this project, even though they live half a world away. and i guess, selfishly, that i’m hoping to find that place again that is pure gift for me – the perfect fit, someone offering worship or space in which i recognise myself completely. i found it last year at the ikon service, and realised how rare it is to be in that place. bring it on.

so we’re plying ourselves with coffee, to stave off the last remnants of jetlag, then we’re off to the sunshine… there’s wireless internet at greenbelt, but we’ll see how the time unfolds.