To you who wake up this morning
to the terrible realisation that yesterday wasn’t a nightmare
but a reality,

who walk the streets to work
and wonder how the world goes on
so easily,

who grieve the loss
of a world where normal seemed possible,

who are paying the ultimate price
for hoping
for loving
for believing –

peace and hope seem unreasonable expectations just now.

Today we just pray you’ll survive.


  1. Cheryl

    thanks. it was one of those things i really wish i hadn’t had reason to write.

  2. jesse

    An email I received during a similar time (by no means the same though):
    “I sat back and tried to think of things i could say to you in this situation, it took me two days, and I still have nothing. But I realised that you didn’t need me to know what to say, because really, it doesn’t matter what i say, it just matters that I don’t say nothing.”

    it might not have been something you wanted to write, but it is so important that you did. Doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking.

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