today’s workshop

Hi to those who have come here after today’s prison chaplains workshop in Geelong. I really enjoyed the morning. These are the resources that I mentioned:

Philip Zimbardo ‘The Lucifer Effect: Understanding how Good People Turn Evil’
John Caputo ‘The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event’ [another book worth reading along this vein is ‘How [not] to speak of God’ by Peter Rollins.

[The other book that’s been really critical in my thinking, especially about the perspectives from which our theologies are formed is Sallie McFague’s ‘Life Abundant’, esp. chapter 2]

The images I showed by Banksy can be found here, the Amnesty International advertisements can be found here.

Someone asked about the music playing behind Kevin’s Psalm this morning – that was Sufjan Steven’s song ‘O God, where are you now?’ – it’s available as a download through iTunes, or if you wanted to buy the cd to take into prison, it’s on his ‘Greetings from Michigan’ cd [it would be a great song to base Holy Saturday worship around].

I forgot to mention that I have a book of liturgies available through Proost [you can either subscribe to Proost for a year’s worth of fabulous worship resources, or simply buy the book on it’s own! it’s available through the Proost website as a pdf download, or at UniChurch bookshop in the city]

If you search through this site, looking under the ‘worship in prison’ category there are a stack of other resources… Email me if there’s stuff I’ve forgotten!