two years

it was two years ago today that kirk died, and it’s still just as wrong as it was on that first day. the world wasn’t finished with kirk, and he wasn’t finished with life.

tonight kylie launched a cd of kirk’s music, ‘faces i call home’. it’s a collection of songs that he wrote and then recorded onto tapes over the years, which has now been put onto cd… it’s very kirk, and it’s very good. the party tonight was fantastic. he’d be so pissed off he missed this.

we were just saying on the way home that it’s not strange to be hearing his voice again. it’s much stranger all those days we don’t.

i’m so thankful for the constancy of love
that swirls around my present, future, past
and while everything around us screams ‘nothing is forever’
i get the feeling this is going to last.

– ‘constancy of love’, kirk robson