uk 2008 trip


[photos by mike]

we’re off to greenbelt again.

If you’re interested in coming to the UK in August – September, to go to Greenbelt and then meet people from alternative / emerging communities around the UK, flick me an email. I’ll send you details of the trip we’re planning, and how you can be part of it.

This trip is a collaboration between a few of us around australia… our aim with these visits is to build a critical mass of people who are talking the same language and speaking from a shared experience. We want to offer people a taste of what’s possible, to inspire imagination… and as those who went last year would testify, it can be a remarkable, life-changing experience.



  1. Sounds fabulous… I wish I was swimming in cash. I’m sure you Aussie’s could put up with a Kiwi. When’s Jonny coming to Melbourne…?

  2. mike

    LOL – I forgot how much that photo in the pub makes Nahum look like an elf…

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