UK 2010 – Oxygen

Nic Fleming and I have been meeting for the last couple of days to put some flesh to our ideas for the UK trip in 2010. One of this year’s participants said the trip was like oxygen, so we’ve stolen the word…

UK 2010

We begin the trip with Greenbelt festival, and then split into two groups after that. Nic is leading the group exploring contextual expressions of community:

This group will explore possibilities for developing new forms of church. We’ll engage in conversations with communities involved in developing ‘Fresh Expressions’ of church in the UK; consider the underlying theology and principles of post-church or emerging church communities; explore connections between the church and social space; and talk together about how we can engage our learnings in our own contexts. We’ll also spend time simply being inspired.

My group will explore transformative public spaces:

This group will spend a week exploring how culture and spirituality can connect to create spaces and moments of transformation in public places. We’ll explore art galleries and public exhibitions, with time set aside each day to reflect with theologians, artists and people who might provoke our thinking and imaginations. In turn, we’ll reflect on how we might create such spaces in our own contexts. This tour will be of particular interest to those who are exploring spirituality and faith outside the church context, and for those who are looking for inspiration and ideas on the way.

Download information and a registration form here: UK 2010 expression of interest


  1. i’d so love you to come! i’ll go back now and change the registration form to say ‘babies welcome too’…

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