vanity, all is vanity

a first draft for a space I’m doing in New Zealand next week…

We will not be remembered.

In all of history,
perhaps 100 billion people have breathed, loved, lived, died
and how many do we remember?
a hundred?
a thousand?

their dreams, passions, fears;
the loves they have grieved;
the hopes they have born

have become only dust.

We will not be remembered.

And in all our desperate attempts to become eternal,
– to leave an immortal mark on the world –
chances are, we will leave only scars.

We will not be remembered.

And if this is true
[do you doubt it?]
pray here for the courage
to live with being human,
and the faith to dream, hope and love
to no avail.


  1. Itsjust

    While I may not remember all those people (heck I’m having trouble with some from the start of the year), I thank them for being able to, “live with being human,
    and the faith to dream, hope and love” and as part of that for giving others before me and after me (hopefully me as well) the faith and courage to live to some of those hopes and to only leave a small scar..

    While I’m still full of the water of life and not just the dust of the future,

    Thank you.

  2. ben

    I love this idea… its liberating.

    Reminded me of a beautiful book Sum by an neuroscientist called Dave Eagleman. Its 40 tales about the afterlives. In one, when you die you go to a waiting room. You’re only allowed to go through to heaven after you have been forgotten on earth. Some people spend longer there than others… but the poor people who have streets and bridges named after them are there forever!

    Cant wait to hear more about the space…

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