wasted spaces

Love this.

From the website:

Wasted Spaces is an international non-profit organisation, transforming empty and unloved spaces into exciting art experiences… By making use of discarded space, art is presented and appreciated by an entirely new public who would not normally experience works of this kind, and the traditional barriers between art and the audience begin to be broken.

Tweak the wording, and the concept of ‘making use’… but this is exactly what we are trying to do with this project – both with people and places. Faith is all about recognising possibility where no-one else sees it…

[wish we’d picked the name Wasted Spaces!]

[on a similar line… I had something I wrote quoted on Andrew Sullivan’s website this week. My life is complete.]


  1. Michelle

    Thanks, as you so often do, for articulating my own half formed (or more like barely unfurled) thoughts! Here’s to Susan and and the unfolding of impossibility… and I am still processing your post about god’s funeral … actually, I think I may spend the next few years unpacking that one!

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