water pavilion

looking up inspiration for third spaces with a fourth dimension… came across this digital water pavilion, which is being designed by MIT for the World Expo in Spain next year.


Imagine a building made of water. It features liquid curtains for walls – curtains that not only can be programmed to display images or messages but can also sense an approaching object and automatically part to let it through.

“To understand the concept of digital water, imagine something like an inkjet printer on a large scale, which controls droplets of falling water,” explains Carlo Ratti, head of MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory.

The “water walls” that make up the structure consist of a row of closely spaced solenoid valves along a pipe suspended in the air. The valves can be opened and closed, at high frequency, via computer control. This produces a curtain of falling water with gaps at specified locations – a pattern of pixels created from air and water instead of illuminated points on a screen. The entire surface becomes a one-bit-deep digital display that continuously scrolls downward.

– MIT press release

thinking that if we sell a few churches, and perhaps the odd soul, we could maybe afford to get one in docklands…


  1. Cheryl

    have a look at the flash presentation – if it gets too windy or it rains the concrete parts lower into the ground…

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