way, way before time …(half finished and theologically dubious!)

beginning the Bandy worship, day 1… 

(brackets are voice 2, off stage) 

Way, way before time
you created a world:
    the seas parted and earth was formed
    formless, emerged.

(how did that idea come to you God?)

so long ago
that all our memory – all our collective memories
and even those memories told to us through the stories
of our faith
and the stories of the land –
the memories that span thousands of years
are simply a flicker in your memory

(a fraction of a second in successive millennia)

forgive us for treating this moment as permanent, God
forgive us for thinking this moment your greatest achievement,
    your sole purpose
forgive us for making this moment the centre of your universe,  
    for thinking we know your mind,  
    for thinking we are at the centre of it

(and if all of what we know is insignificant,
if all our history is temporary,
if all our memory is hypothesis
can we learn to live in this moment
as if it is pure gift from you…)