ways to move mountains

A taster for the FX-MSM conference that I’m doing some stuff at in a couple of weeks. It goes alongside this Francis Alys video

Faith works in many ways.

When we make the mistake of thinking it comes only by divine intervention
and we wait for the sandstorm,
ferocious and massive
or for the landslide
or earthquake –

[‘There’, we say,
‘The mountain has moved.
How great our God is!’]

– we miss the possibility
of which the gospels remind us,
over and over:
that faith sometimes takes the form
of a group of people with a shovel
digging once
and again
and again.

and again.

Will it hurt?

Is it backbreaking, exhausting and desperate?

Does it move mountains?


  1. mandg

    brings to mind the story about a donkey which fell into a well, then when villagers started shovelling dirt in to bury it, every time another pile landed, it climbed up on top of it until … you can guess the rest!! Blessings : )

  2. Kirsty

    Hi Cheryl, Just wanted to encourage you- that what you write is so profound and inspiring and refreshing. Thank you for providing water to a weary traveller. x

  3. Thanks for this Cheryl – it has added to my thoughts around finding God in the mundane… x

  4. Olenka

    Thank you for this reflective prayer – I would like to use it as an opening reflection for a church committee meeting. Would that be alright please?

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