weird photo…

this photo was taken by a photographer at the holy ground :: holy city space in the basement. there’s a face on the lifts at the back… we’re trying to work out how it got there. it’s not photoshopped on, and nothing was projected onto it…


  1. The ghost of (traditional) churches past perhaps?

    And is that “danger” tape around his neck? Way cool if it is … most appropriate.

  2. i think mike’s right [mostly because ghosts don’t figure in my cosmology], i just can’t work out where he’s standing to make it work, given that immediately to the left of ipod frame is a large square that’s blocked off. the perspective’s completely wrong.

  3. Joss

    Was this photo taken with a digital camera, or an analogue one (with film)?

    If it was a film camera, what do the other pictures contain…are they missing a person, or…is the same person in there as well?

    This may have occurred as a transfer ghost. As in, in the developing, it was bring across to the next photo.

    …just imagine the look on this guys face if he ever saw the photo!

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