we’re only human…

i’m beginning and ending each day at a conference next week that will largely be attended by social workers, community development workers and chaplains… this is for them…

We’re only human,
we say,
as though it is a failing

as though we could be more.

in an instant,
the gift we are most able to offer.

We rush to fill our days and weeks with programs

because to stand still
means we might be overwhelmed by all there is to be done
and our inadequacy in doing it.

We presume that the world could be fixed
if we just tried a bit harder and did a bit more

because the alternative is to admit the fragility of all that we hope for.

Yet when we try to be more than human
we deny space for all that is not human:
the love beyond human making
the hope beyond human faking
the peace beyond human understanding.

It takes courage
to stop looking at all there is to do
and instead to turn and face the limits of who we are

It takes courage
to end where we end
and to let faith begin.