were you there

we wondered on friday whether the ‘you’ in the hymn ‘were you there when they crucified my lord’ is directed to people or to god… i think we found our theme for next year’s easter space.

i wrote for the Age today, an opinion piece about hope. It’s online here.


  1. Thanks for that – a brilliant piece of writing, and thanks also for the heads-up on Banksy. Somehow he’d escaped my radar… much inspiration there as well.

  2. I love Anne Lamott – I’m eagerly awaiting her latest book via Amazon. I love that she can write of hope without putting in the saccharin happily ever after we are so conditioned to expect. Your piece also avoids saccharin, which makes your cautious hopefulness all the more powerful. Thanks.

  3. wayseer

    We did chuch on Easter Saturday. It was an church stripped of each and every ornament. It was a silent church. It was a night service and there was only one light in the church. No Eucharist, no greeting, no sermon – passages of scripture were read followed by prayer followed by a hymn, followed by silence. The sequence was repeated a number of times – and you guessed it – the closing hymn was ‘Were you there’. It tore me apart.

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