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i’m back at work this week after a few days off. I’ve been in Kyneton today, a couple of hours out of Melbourne, doing some work with prison chaplains on our lectionary project.

In the next few weeks we’re starting something new in the women’s prison – a process of story telling with the women. We also started talking today about doing Lent in Port Phillip – perhaps inviting the men to do some more writing, on the themes of absence, chaos, wilderness and fragility [all themes that read out of Mark’s gospel, which is the lectionary gospel for the year] – and an Easter Saturday vigil in the women’s prison.

The year is looking fabulous and very busy. The Between the Spaces tribe met yesterday to do some more work on a Valentines Day basement space – more on that very soon, but if you don’t have a date on valentines day, we’re happy to be it… the space will be open from 5 on the 14th…

I’ll also put up some details very soon of Pete Rollins’ Australian visit – he’ll be in NSW, SA, WA and Victoria from the end of April to the middle of May. Disappointingly, there’s no time on this trip to go further afield. Which is not to say that’s not a possibility for the future, for Pete or other speakers – we’re always happy to send people to the far edges of the country, we just need to know that they are wanted there…

Ian Mobsby is in town in March. Unfortunately I’m going to be away at the time, but details of the events around his trip can be found here.

I will, however, be at the inter-faith [Muslim – Christian] retreat that Jess Butcher is organising at Norval on March 11-13. I’ll be doing a sacred space there, I think on the theme of dirt. To find out more about the inter-faith tour, contact Jess on jessica.butcher@victas.uca.org.au

On a more personal note, i’m about to begin a diploma in professional writing and editing through RMIT. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make it work, but I’ve really missed studying, and i’m hoping that the desire to learn will help create the space to make the work possible.

Finally, Ian Ferguson sent through some more photos from the worship space at NCYC. I didn’t see the space in action at all – i was in the auditorium doing lights and sound and all other things i know nothing about. it’s lovely to see the interactions with the space… They are gorgeous photos, so I’ve gratuitously added them below.

the wailing wall

the gumtree in the performance stairs space

clear as mud

write your question into the mud

the hard edges of faith

who do you say i am?

the crowd…


  1. Looking forward to:
    Pete R.
    Valentines Day (first time I’ve looked forward to that)
    Seeing more of Ian’s work. I wish I’d had the headspace to slow down and take the space in, instead of running from laptop to laptop, checking for loops looping.

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