what’s next – easter and communal justice

We have started working on Easter services, which i’ll be doing in the women’s prison this year – Good Friday and Easter Sunday services, along with an Easter Saturday vigil. The usual challenges apply – no props, limited music, fitting things in around musters and lock-ups… along with the fact that finding an easter theology that works in prison is always harder than I think it will be.

If i were doing easter anywhere else, I’d want to go word free this year – just images and music. My theology, such as it was, is in a weirder than normal place at the moment, and i’m finding it hard to write stuff for everyone else. Does that make sense? Images and music create common ground; words, not so much.

This Sunday is the next meeting of the Port Phillip West Communal Justice Coalition, in Werribee. Let me know if you want to be part of this group, which is doing some great work. And next Tuesday is the first of the Mission Development Forums, developing a framework for the mission of the church, based around communal justice. I’m speaking on Tuesday, and also at the forum on the 31st March. There are still a few spaces left.


  1. Kel

    yes, it makes sense to me
    images and music allow people to imagine their own words
    to fill in the blanks with a collection of letters that mean something to them

    wishing for you a rest from writing stuff for everyone else
    i wonder what an image of that would look like 🙂

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