when it isn’t a crisis

It’s been a while! Much happening in non-public spaces… but this one’s for Amy, and for Jill, and for Sarah, and for David, who all said in the last couple of weeks, ‘will you update the fricking blog already’…

What if it isn’t a faith crisis.
What if leaving it all behind holds
nothing of crisis,
just liberation.

Like being born into a new human-ness
that you want to honour
as deeply as you’ve honoured
every god you’ve believed in.

What if it seems that the others are having the crisis
with their need to squeeze you into
the labels they hold so dear,
as though you being there
can validate their need to stay true
to what you no longer believe

but it’s like living in clothing
that simply doesn’t fit,
the dress that isn’t quite right
so you have to keep adjusting
wriggling into
pinning up
and tying on.

Why would you?

And maybe leaving that behind has made you more human
and more alive
than you’ve felt before.
Like this matters:
this one fragile existence
with its very real ending
and its very hard truths.
And maybe leaving that there, for others to hold,
gives you empty hands to grasp all that’s left to live.