where could i go to escape…

When we would rather fill our lives with something – anything – to distract us from the overwhelming reality
God knows that which we cannot confront.

When it’s too hard to admit to anyone – even ourselves – the deepest thoughts in our hearts and minds;
when it’s too overwhelming to name the fears that rest deep inside us,
God knows what we are unable to say.

mental health week runs from october 8 – 15

we normally create liturgies during weeks like this for mainstream worship in churches. this year we’ve also designed a community sacred space, specifically for those who live with a mental illness, or who love someone who does.

the space is based around Psalm 139.

the pdf is here: mhw community space

the mainstream worship resources are available from the synod’s outreach ministries website


  1. Kel

    filling our lives with distractions . . .
    there is so much truth in what you write here Cheryl

    the various station reflections you have created offer a safe space to confront, admit and release the games we so often play

    there is power in this whether one is affected by mental illness or not


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