while you were dead, god

This is what you missed, god
when you were dead:

the sun kept rising
each morning,
and we kept on living.

When you were dead, god
we picked up the pieces of our life
and the remnants of yours

we found each other
and together we honoured the memory of you
and we did what we needed to do
to let you go.

So while we celebrate your resurrection
can you understand why we are so afraid of it?
and why itโ€™s so hard to let you
back into the parts of our lives
that were existing just fine without you?

We kept living when you died, god,
but don’t make us do that again.


  1. Blair

    Cheryl, I don’t know where you manage to draw these words from, but (for me, today) these three posts are so welcome to read and have to say in faith and disbelief. Thanks.

  2. thanks blair, I don’t know where the words come from either [and i wish it were an easier process to find them!]. hope your easter happens…

  3. Kel

    this is powerful stuff
    gritty and confronting
    thankyou for making it real for those of us who find it hard to swallow the fairy floss most offer for the ‘special seasons’

  4. thanks kel, i thought no-one else would get it, so putting it up here felt quite self-indulgent!

  5. Hi Cheryl

    I have really appreciated all your lent/Easter posting… just amazing and heart breaking.

    And blogs are supposed to be self-indulgent… so keep on writing and posting it all. Those of us who read benefit from your way with words ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kel

    what Danny says is so true
    in fact i believe the reason blogging has been popular is that for many it offers the one space for them to speak their own truth, and surprisingly, find others who feel the same way
    which may just give them the courage to speak their own truth out loud, face to face

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