white wine in the sun [ii]

I know I’m back at work when I start composing blog posts in my head.

I’ve spent the last few weeks drinking lots of white wine in the sun, metaphorically and literally, and loving every moment.

It feels like a momentous few weeks, even though nothing momentous was done. I cleaned out all the cupboards in my apartment, and I ran 10km straight, for the first and second time ever… I also relished being home, read lots of brilliant and crap books and articles, went to the movies 5 times [but only saw 3 different films], ate raspberries almost every day, made mountains of bread and perfected the art of making affogatos … all the best summer things…

Christmas in the prison was a treat. It’s the best cure for a perfectionist – being absolutely at the mercy of an intractable system. We were interrupted by a late breakfast for the special diets, the icecream run by the guys from the Big Issue who come in to play street soccer, medications, the announcements for the soccer game… in spite of all that, when we suggested finishing early so that the members of the soccer team who were with us could go and play, they seemed quite horrified by the idea. I sometimes forget that they’re not doing us a favour by being there – they come because they need the space.

We also sneaked out of doing the memorial service!

I have an idea for Lent in the prison, which we’ve not done before, but I need to pass it by the person whose resources I’d be stealing from… more about that when i’ve asked the big question.

This is going to be a big year. It’s my first day back, and with the ignorance born of not yet looking at my calendar, I have no plans other than to live it well, enjoy it and learn a lot. Hope yours is starting well, and that it’s good to be where you are too.