workshop in the making

in response to last week’s workshop at otira, I’m going to organise another workshop in November – a very practical, hands on workshop about learning how to use media, etc. in alternative worship. It seems the logical next step.

I’ve been wondering about making it open only to those who aren’t ordained. There are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, I’ve just agreed to do a media in worship workshop at the “Year of Luke” school of ministry in november, being run by theological hall. It will largely be ordained people who are able to participate in that.

The other reason is that lay people participate very differently in groups where there aren’t ordained ministers. One of the principles at the very heart of alternative worship is a rethinking / subverting of power /leadership relationships. i’ve realised that it’s a really big ask to ask ministers to ‘let go’ of their expertise in worship in workshops, and to let there be space for the fumbling and awkwardness of people who are beginning to explore this area. perhaps it’s too much of an ask.

This would, of course, be a decision for just one workshop, not a decision about of the direction of the whole of this project. Rest assured, if you’re ordained, there will be plenty of other workshops that you can participate in – i’d love to see you at the “year of luke” workshop.

what do you think? ecclesial suicide?


  1. craig mitchell

    go for it. i keep meaning to start a series of workshops called “secret ministers business” so that ministers can feel free to ask dumb questions…..

  2. blaircam

    I’m interested to know if that ‘cautious/fumbling’ v ‘experienced’ dynamic always occurs at alt worship workshops? My gut feeling would be that everyone’s starting from scratch in some way.

  3. Cheryl

    in my experience, ministers are less likely to want to admit that they are cautious and fumbling, so they over compensate the other way.

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