i’m in the process of writing another article for the Age. Just when i was thinking i needed to revert back to the safer option, i came across this, in the bowels of my computer. i can always trust leunig to be there before me.



  1. I must admit; I have never really known what to make of the papacy, but I was intrigued by the images of Pope John Paul 2 in the late stages of his illness. I found it a confronting image of leadership

  2. We once started a leadership retreat with the story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. As props we had a bowl of water & a towel sitting in the middle. We were preparing leaders to run a respite care holiday camp for children with intellectual disabilities. Most of them didn’t get the reading nor the symbolism; they were more just worried that we were going to actually wash their feet. Some weekes later at the end of the program, myself & my co-director went around and actually washed the feet of all of these brave teenage leaders;
    Most wept as performed this simple powerful gesture. At the end we re-read the scripture, prayed & finished

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