wrapping up the nosh

the nosh is over, and jonny’s on his way back to london. i had another phone call from someone today telling me how inspired they have been by jonny’s input at a workshop last week. his stuff seemed to tap into a new energy that’s kind of bubbling up all of it’s own accord in different places around the church. his visit was the perfect thing at just the right time.

my head is full of things to think about in response to the last few weeks – the labelling of worship, worship and mission, risk and safety in worship, more on wild spaces, cultivating imagination, the power of imagined opposition, resistance and dignity… and there are a few things about to begin that i’ll post about soon. i just need a couple of days to get some headspace back before writing things up.

i put together these wine labels for worship i did at the nosh, but ended up not using them … i’m not sure if i like them or not… maybe i’m not sure i quite understand them.

and finally, a few random inspirations from the last few days:

what the news will be like when the world is fixed

the residents of regents park

newspaper blackout poems


  1. Well, I really like them. The image makes me think of a captured moment of transformation. The text reminds me that this was not pure water (my assumption), but washing water that was the raw element for a ‘sign’. It’s a shame they haven’t (yet) graced a bottle or two, Cheryl.

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