Someone told me i was a little harsh in the last post, which may be right, i don’t know… but I’ve been trying to think today of people who do write for a mainstream [ie secular] audience about faith and spirituality? Leunig comes to mind, and Stephanie Dowrick [neither of them are specifically Christian], Anne Lamott in the USA, though her writing doesn’t have quite the same widespread resonance here. Most articles about Christianity are written as responses to articles against Christianity, so from someone else’s agenda… Who writes about faith in a way that would resonate with people outside Christianity?


  1. i know she’s ordained as an interfaith minister – she leads interfaith services at Pitt St in Sydney. I hadn’t heard she was a Quaker but her spirituality would certainly lean towards that.

  2. Bec

    I could come up with stacks of songwriters, but you’ve just referred to books and articles… I immediately thought of Tim Winton and Donald Miller. Eureka Street is fairly widely read and not just by Christians.

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