you don’t have it in you

[writing Easter liturgies for the prisons today… this came out too complicated to use.]

you didn’t choose to die
and you couldn’t have chosen not to.

you had no choice as you stood answering Pilate’s questions
[you who defines love
and is defined by love];
because to have a choice would mean
that you could suddenly decide at the end
to deny who you were
and so to betray those who had found their life
in the light [and in the shadow]
of your love.

you didn’t have it in you
to do anything else
but walk to the cross.
and you still don’t have it in you
to make any choice but love.

and if love is always, absolutely, the path you will take,
why do we think there is something we could do
some thought we could have
some place we could go

that would change your mind?


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