your faith has made you well

i’ve talked here before about the liturgies / worship resources that i’m working on with prison chaplains, based around Mark’s gospel [the lectionary gospel for this year]. The big learning so far is that it takes much, much longer to do this than we imagine, and we should have started last year to do next year’s lectionary… nonetheless, we’re getting there… This is a reflection on the story of the haemorrhaging woman in Mark 5. The really interesting thing in reading the passage from within / into the prison context is how much different lines jumped out. I’d never realised that she sat at jesus’ feet and ‘told him the whole truth’…

What was the act of faith she showed?
her courage to believe she had a right to be healed?
her resilience as she walked through the crowd who shunned her?
her honesty as she told the whole truth?

We seek our own healing,
like that which she longed for,
but we also seek her faith.

Where the courage to search you out has failed us,
may we find the faith to leave the safety of the world we know.
Where we lack the strength to ignore the voices that say we don’t deserve it,
may we have the faith to hear you call our name.
Where we have not dared to tell the whole truth of our story
may we have the faith to know and speak it here.